Build your wealth with the latest future technologies

A brief overview of SAFIR​

Become the master of your own finances by building a secure and future-oriented business based on the blockchain, crypto, and tokenization world.

Tired of missing out on the fantastic profits from the price explosion of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and similar cryptocurrencies, but don't want to miss out anymore?

Want to take a cut of the profits from this rapidly growing blockchain industry, but don't know how to get started because you don't know how?

Are you looking for a job that will allow you to live a free and independent life, no longer be dependent on anyone, and without having to go to work anywhere?

Tired of being told what to do? Do you want to work where, when, and as much as you want? Then become a pioneer of the industry of the future now!

We deliver direct benefits to you

Sustainable profits through the future trillion-dollar market of tokenization

Highest level of sovereignty and security through a unique ecosystem with its own blockchain, decentralized exchange, and more

A real and sustainable business model on which you can build your business

Wealth accumulation with daily coin growth through the most innovative technology from your living room

Herewith you can build assets for your future

Blockchain is changing everyone’s life, more than the internet. Security, speed, cost efficiency, and resource savings.


Digital generated coins will be the new means of payment. Nothing else has ever delivered such a high return on investment as cryptos.


If you think the crypto market is your chance to build wealth sustainably for the long term, then the field of tokenization will excite you.

Through real projects and a stable foundation

we'll show you that you can build your personal wealth easily and sustainably with us. Want to know how?

Then check out our presentation now:

Testimonials from people with real results

Prisca Cho

“Time and financial freedom is my greatest aim in life and after studying SAFIR, I see the possibility to achieve this goal here. I also like helping people get out of poverty and SAFIR as I have studied has all embedded in it. This is a fantastic possibility I recommend for all not to miss. I love it!”

Manuel Huterer

“As a father, you only want the BEST for your family. Anything less is not enough. SAFIR's Benefit Plan gives me the opportunity to build a sustainable income and make our future the best it can be. A foundation based on real products and services that inspires virtually everyone.”

Jorg M. Kelkenberg

“Professionalism, speed, reliability, and forward-looking products and strategies. For me, these are just some of the characteristics that make SAFIR unique. I am already grateful for everything that is here - but also for what is yet to come! Anyone looking for something special will find it here.”

Attention! Don’t miss your chance!

The current crises have shown us how unstable many of the existing systems are. Nobody knows exactly what will happen tomorrow.


Many people are losing their livelihood and are looking for something new and future-oriented. This future is offered to us by the blockchain, crypto, and tokenization world.


A new era is beginning, the old is leaving. Such temporal transitions have always been the time of greatest opportunities. If you want to be a pioneer now, you can be one of the first to benefit from the future, just as you could have done with Bitcoin in 2008.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

No, it is not mandatory at all, but it is one of the largest network revenue paying companies, so it is recommended if you want to generate immediate revenue.

None. Registration is free.

Yes, you are eligible for free withdrawable commissions without any restrictions.

All generated network commissions will be credited immediately to your web account, which can currently be posted to any crypto wallet you own. The possibility to withdraw will be extended in the first half of 2022 with the issuance of a debit card, through which you will be able to withdraw from ATMs or simply use it for card payments.

You can use your network commission, or part of it, or send in the purchase price from outside.

You can choose any of the cryptocurrencies displayed under Deposit in the web office, or you can send them by credit card or bank transfer

They are commissioned and up and running within 24 hours of purchase.

Yes, until the 500,000 available HUBs are sold out. Once they are sold out, you will not be able to buy HUBs later. After that, you will only be able to buy Zeniq coins on the exchange at the then current exchange rate.

If you want to benefit directly from ZENIQ, then get the best product for you.

Register with SAFIR free of charge and without obligation. The exclusive distribution partner of ZENIQ.

Choose the option below that is best for you!

SAFIR Minting Farm

11300 EURO

Several hardware processors (FULL master nodes), which are serviced and maintained at the customer’s request as part of what is known as in-house minting. Minted coins are freely available to the customer!

SAFIR Minting Hub

1499 EURO

Hardware processor (FULL masternode), which is serviced and maintained at the customer’s request as part of what is known as in-house minting. Minted coins are freely available to the customer!

SAFIR Minting Shares

100 EURO

Partial hardware processor (PARTIAL masternode), which is serviced and maintained as part of what is known as in-house minting. Minted coins are freely available to the customer!



If you can’t buy a HUB right now, but you want to work on team building, you’re in a great place here, because you can get the network commission without any limit and then you can buy HUBs from it later.

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